Spooky Moos on the Mall

October 26, 2013

The ‘Moos on the Mall’ is another exciting schools and community art project from Forestside, where schools taking part are given their very own Mini-Moo statue to paint or decorate. The Mini-Moos are life-sized 3D models of cows and calves – an ideal blank canvas to showcase artistic talents.

Spider Moo painted by Euston Street Primary School.

Winnie the Witch and Wilbur painted by Andrew’s Memorial School Comber

The ‘Moos on the Mall’ Art project will be held three times a year with a different theme each time. The theme of the current Moos is ‘Spooky Moos on the Mall’, linking in to our Halloween celebrations.

Firework Moo painted by Harding Memorial Primary School

Casper Moo painted by St. Ita’s School

Thanks to all the schools listed for taking part and if any schools, community group or organisation would be to take part in the ‘Moos on the Mall’ art project, please call at our Helping Hands desk on mall or email helpinghands@forestside.co.uk

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