Chef Stephen Jeffers: Perfect Steak and Chips.

November 06, 2014

Hi guys welcome to my first blog....

Question: What is the perfect steak & chips ?

As I've been cooking for many years it's an easy answer, you start with the best ingredients, then after that it is a little skill and simply letting your wonderful produce shine...

So which steak ?

Rump, fillet, sirloin or ribeye? All of the above work well but my favourite is the ribeye, simply because of the lovely marbling of fat that runs through the steak. This creates a fantastic flavour through your steak, yes fat can be good for you lol ;)

Which potato & cooking oil ?

Maris pipers, Rooster, King Edwards? Again all work, but for me a rooster potato never fails me all year round, the beautiful red flesh looks great with the skin left on and always has a yummy crisp finish, topped with brilliant Maldon salt..

Is the oil important? My favourite is beef dripping or pork dripping, this gives the chip a real depth of flavour & marries with the beef fat flavour. Some butchers are starting to carry this product again so just search around..(butchers in smithfield have it).

Which garnish ?

Easy, large breakfast/Portabello mushroom, beefsteak tomato, watercress (not mustards cress).

All you've got to do now is go shopping, get yourself a really good non-stick frying pan and treat your loved ones to my recipe below...


Perfect steak & chips

1 rib eye steak (250g)

1 large rooster potato (chipped)

1/2 beef tomato

1 large breakfast mushroom



Method steak

1. Leave beef out of fridge for 1/2 hour before cooking, season beef on both sides with Maldon salt & black pepper (milled) 2. Place a pan on high heat, brush beef with oil & cook 2 minutes each side (rare),

3 minutes (med-rare), 4 minutes(medium)

3. Now rest beef for two minutes before serving.


Method chips

1. Blanch chips in salted hot water for 4 minutes & refresh in ice cold water. Now dry chips.

2. Heat a chip pan with beef dripping or pork fat to 170c, now fry dry chips until golden, crisp & season with Maldon salt.


Method tomato 

1. Season tomato with caster sugar, salt, pepper & thyme .

2. Place under high grill until caramelised this should take four minutes.


Method mushroom

Stuffing for mushroom

1 tbsp soft breadcrumbs

1 tsp Parmesan grated

10g button mushrooms (finely chopped)


1 shallot (grated)

1 clove garlic (grated)

2 tsp truffle oil



1. Peel breakfast mushroom & drizzle with half the oil.

2. In a small pot make the filling for the mushroom, add shallot & garlic over a medium heat cook until soft, now add breadcrumbs & chopped mushrooms.

3. Season well, add tarragon, oil & fill inside of mushroom .

4. Top with Parmesan & bake for 10-12 minutes 190c





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